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Chiptune=Win Vol. 4 – Arrival

A Chiptune Compilation Album for the Ages

Chiptunes = WIN is a long running compilation series that features artists from all over the globe. Volume 4 was released on July 20th, 2015 and features 51 of the best chiptune artists around. This is my fourth time participating in this compilation series, and once again I am proud to have my work among these accomplished artists.

My piece, entitled “Arrival” is track 31 on the album. When composing this piece, I wanted to focus on creating a grand sense of space. My original intention for this piece was more along the lines of an ambient soundscape, but during the writing process something felt lacking. I decided to combine the soundscape approach with a strong beat and a singable melody. The result is a fusion of chiptune, instrumental hip hop, and ambient electronic music.

I you want to hear more from this incredible album, please click here to keep listening.