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2D Fantasy Game (In-Development)

Unity Project – 2D Fantasy Game (In-Development)


This is a demonstration of music I am  composing for a game that I have been developing in Unity. The game is a light hearted fantasy RPG, using Metroidvania game mechanics and pixel art graphics. The game and the soundtrack are still very much work in progress, so most tracks are early drafts and non-finished mixes. 

I am posting this playlist so I can receive feedback from the community and gauge interest in the project. As development progresses, I will be adding more tracks periodically and updating current tracks with more polished music. Progress will at first be slow, but continue to progress as I have more time to work on this project.

Currently, I am development all aspects of this project on my own. All programming, design, artwork, sound and music are done exclusively by me. If anyone has any interest in joining in on the development of this project, please feel free to reach out to me on my contacts page. 


In addition to the early soundtrack demonstration above, here is some early footage of the game running in Unity. The SFX and music are currently placeholders until I can finish off some new assets.