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  • About Daniel:

    Composer, Audio Artist and Game Designer

  • About Daniel

    I just love making cool music and fun games. What more do you need to know?!


Daniel Capo is a multimedia artist, sound designer and composer who lives in Oakland, CA. His works have been featured in film, video games, podcasts and have also been performed in the concert hall. His compositional style can range from traditional orchestral and chamber music to experimental electronic music. While Daniel writes in a variety of different musical styles, all of his music is profoundly influenced by minimalism, jazz and video game music. Most recently, Daniel worked on Audio Content for The Sims 4, as an Audio Artist for EA Games and is currently working as a freelance composer and sound designer for indie game developers, video producers and podcasts.

Capo completed his MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College in 2013, and received his BM in piano performance at Stetson University as a student of renowned pianist Michael Rickman. At Stetson University, he also studied composition with Sydney Hodkinson, Manuel de Murga and Computer Music with Nathan Wolek.