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August 9, 2012

Wake – Collaborative Horror Film


This past spring I collaborated with a good friend of mine on another short horror movie. The last time I worked with Blaire Knight Graves, we came out with the short film entitled A.D. We had so much fun making it that we decided to work together again on something new. The resulting product of this ongoing collaboration was the short movie, Wake.

“After witnessing the death of her sister, Dione transfers to a new school for a change of scenery. Having never taken the time to mourn, she finds herself in a haze of sleeplessness and self-medicated nightmares. Now she finds herself haunted by a familiar image that she desperately wishes to see again, by any means necessary. A short video by Daniel Capo and Blaire Knight-Graves, Produced by Kate Humphrey. Sound design by Daniel Capo.”

This project was particularly interesting for me because I got to shoot quite a bit of the film. Doing camera work was not something I had much experience with before but I certainly had to pick up very quickly. I also had to do an extensive amount of sound fx and foley for the film. Most of the production audio was not useable so we had to re-record all the audio afterwards. Furthermore, though I was intending on composing a soundtrack for the movie, when the final cut came together I did not think this was the right film for a traditional soundtrack. The movie felt like it should have a sort of hushed sense to it. Instead of a traditional score, I decided to morph the production audio and environmental sounds into a tense and ambient score. This added a much more chilling and otherworldy feel to the movie.The dream sequences and hallway scene have the most extensive sound work in them, so pay close attention to those. I may be doing a short post on specific sound design choices in those particular scenes.  Here is the movie below for your viewing pleasure!

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