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August 8, 2012

New Things Are Great! New Net Label, New Compilation Album and New Music!

Hey guys,

 a good friend of mine back in FL has just started up a new Net Label called Perelandra Records. “Perelandra Records is a net label signing artists for online distribution. We sign talented, committed artists who compose and perform modern instrumental music. We love wholesome talent in the electronic family. We especially love artists who blend the cutting-edge with the traditional; old with the new; digital and analog instruments and methods working in unison. Our interests particularly fall under chipmusic, progressive, experimental, glitchtune, noise, breakbeat, techno, trance, house, DnB, downbeat, chillwave, electro-acoustic – and the infusion of rock and jazz with any of the aforementioned genres.”

     To launch the new label, they have released a new compilation album that features a variety of artists from around the world. The album, entitled “Tide” features music by Agent EntropyAvantagonistfreezedreamJay TholenPositive Infinity,StemageSkylarkkZef and myself. The variety of styles and sounds on the album is also an impressive feat. The music changes from drone to funk within the first 4 minutes of the album. Please check out the album and support these amazing artists. And, while you are browsing this amazing new source for music, go ahead and check out the plethora of new music already available on the site. Perelandra was kind enough to host my first album O.S.T on the site. Please check it out if you haven’t already! Thanks for listening,


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