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December 12, 2011

O.S.T: Original Soundtrack one of the nominees for best chiptune album of the year by Square Enix Music Online!

Yes, the video game music website Square Enix Music Online has included my debut  album as a nominee for best chiptune album of 2011. I’m extremely excited and flattered to be included on this list of extremely amazing artists. I’ve been particularly impressed with Cheap Dinosaurs when I heard their album this year. Results will come in just before the end of the year.

4.4 Best Album – Chiptune

Biscuit (xyce)
Cheap Dinosaurs (Cheap Dinosaurs)
Hit and Run (Chipocrite)
Impostor Nostalgia (Jimmy Hinson)
O.S.T. (Daniel Capo)
Soundshock: FM Funk Madness (Various Artists)
SQ Chips (Various Artists)
The Octagon (Jonathan Baken)
Waveform 2 (Joshua Morse)
zeta force (zabutom)

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