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August 24, 2011

New School and Location

Hello everyone, I just recently made my cross-country road trip from Florida to Northern California. The road trip lasted about five days and upon arrival me and my Wife Katie had a few days of errands to do before we could get settled in. One of the reasons we moved cross-country was to attend Mills College for our graduate degrees. I will be getting my MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media and Katie will be getting her MA in Composition. Needless to say it’s been a fairly hectic couple of weeks and my site has suffered from a lack of updates and new content. The Retro Game OST is nearing completion, new tracks have been added and it is now just shy of 30 minutes. The Survival Horror OST has no new tracks as of yet, but the ones that are present have been retooled a bit and newer tracks are on the way. Also of note, I will be taking a course in Video this semester, so hopefully we will see some more multimedia productions published to the site sometime soon. Lastly, now that the school year has started I will be beginning some large-scale electronic pieces again as opposed to the focus on small tracks every other day. I am going to make sure my OST projects reach completion but my focus will be shifting very soon.  Thanks again for listening.

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